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Motivation Monday

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Are your basic needs being met? If not, there is a strong probability that your higher level needs aren’t being met either. Maslow’s motivational theory also known as the Hierarchy of Needs, is a 5 tier model that prioritizes our human needs. If you are feeling low or unhappy with where you are at, it might be helpful to look at your life through this model to give you a better sense of where the dissatisfaction stems from. Maslow believed that one tier needs to be “more or less” satisfied rather than completely fulfilled to move into the next tier. For example, someone who has recently been evicted would need to satisfy their security and safety before being motivated to focus on a relationship. Self-actualization, the final top tier is where fulfillment is the highest and people are able to feel comfortable branching out into new ventures and are free of inhibitions. Self-Actualized people experience “peak experiences” that are creative and exciting. If you feel like your creative edge is stagnant or stuck, pay attention to your other tiers.

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